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If you don't mind my asking, what does off color mean?"
"You know, wrong."
"Not right, flawed."
"I don't see anything wrong with you."
"Padparadscha bounces and shakes."
"Rhodonite’s firebox gets clogged when coal is put in it."
"And her boiler doesn't work properly."
"Fluorite is too big to go around most bends."
"And Rutile’s gem came out of the ground wrong, so they were built wrong.

Lapis, Fluorite, Padparadscha, Rhodonite, and Rutile, "Meeting the Off Colors", Crystal Island Adventures

Padparadscha is one of the Off Colors.


Stories From Sodor

Crystal Island Adventures

Padparadscha first came to Crystal Island with the other Off Colors. She quickly became friends with Bismuth, who took her, Fluorite, and Rhodonite to the Steamworks to be overhauled. She also quickly became friends with Murdoch, Victor, Kevin, and Percy[1].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 2

Padparadscha later came to Sodor during Christmastime to help with all the extra work. She, Larimar, and Ruby helped Charlie and Rosie shunt trucks and coaches in Knapford Yards[2].


She has a cheerful and kind personality. She is usually quick to make friends. She also often has delayed reactions to what is going on around her[3].


Before her overhaul, Padparadscha was based on an 0-4-0 saddle tank believed to have been built by the Avonside Engine Company of Bristol, but with components from Hunslet of Leeds and other builders. Percy, Matthew, and Larimar share this basis.

Padparadscha was then rebuilt into a Great Northern Railway Class N2. Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley as a improvement of Henry Ivatt's Class N1, these locomotives were fitted with condensing apparatus because they were used for inter-city work in the Metropolitan areas of London, while later examples were usually seen around Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. One member of this class, No. 1744 has been preserved and operates on the North Norfolk Railway in Norfolk. In addition to being the sole survivor of its class, 1744 is also the sole surviving example of a Gresley designed tank engine. However, Padparadscha was given a 2-4-2 wheel arrangement, instead of the normal 0-6-2 wheel arrangement of the GNR N2. Ryan and Rylie are also members of this class


Padparadscha is painted orange-brown with dark brown lining. She has dark brown wheels and domes and a black bufferbeam/footplate She has her gem on her coal bunker.