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This article is about Crystal Island White Pearl. You may be looking for Another Pearl.

Pearl is Crystal Island's number 5 white tank engine.


Stories From Sodor

Season 2

When the Sodor engines visited Crystal Island, Pearl was quick to try and befriend them[1].

Season 7

When Philip and BoCo visited Crystal Island, Pearl warns everyone about Peridot and her runaway trucks[2].

Crystal Island Adventures

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 2


Pearl is a perfectionist who is knowledgeable on a plethora of topics that value organization. Despite her perfectionism and occasional bragging, Pearl suffers from low self-esteem. She is very dependent on others to validate her, which loops into a strong inferiority complex. She needs everyone's constant approval to feel secure. Pearl is easily flustered and overwhelmed when confronted by the unknown or when her plans fail, which can lead to her judgment being clouded or cause her to act on impulse instead of rational thinking. At times, Pearl does not realize when she is being selfish because she thinks she is always doing everything for others. When realizing how much she hurt others, Pearl will apologize and try as hard as she can to set things right, working hard to counteract the damage she may have inflicted. Pearl also has a pessimistic view of humanity. Aside from her pessimism and perfectionism, Pearl is usually polite and reserved to others; she keeps everything set orderly and tidy.[3].


In Stories From Sodor, Pearl was based on an 0-4-0 saddle tank believed to have been built by the Avonside Engine Company of Bristol, but with components from Hunslet of Leeds and other builders. Percy, Matthew, and Larimar are also based on this engine, as was Padparadscha before her overhaul. In the eighth season, she was given a pair of trailing wheels.

In Stories From Sodor:Future, Pearl was redesigned to be based on a GWR 14xx Class 0-4-2T. These engines were fitted with a mechanical system allowing the driver to control the locomotive remotely from the cab of an 'Autocoach', such as Isabel. They were originally assigned numbers in the 48xx series, but were renumbered into the 14xx series in 1946. Four engines of this class survive in preservation. Oliver, Chinansa, and Simiyu are also members of this class. However, Pearl still retains her original coal bunker.


In Stories From Sodor, Pearl was painted white with a peach colored lining and dome. She also has the number 5 on her bunker in grey, and a circular white gemstone on her boiler.

In Stories From Sodor:Future, Pearl was repainted white with sky blue lining. She has a sky blue dome, wheels, headlamp, bufferbeam and footplate. She also has her number 5 on her coal bunker in sky blue, and her circular pale pink and white gemstone on her side tank.


  • She is based on Pearl from Steven Universe.
  • Pearl had some modifications throughout her appearances:
    • Season 8:
      • She gained a pair of trailing wheels.
      • Her lining became a darker shade of peach.
      • She gained a headlamp in front of her funnel.
      • Her funnel changed shape.
      • Her number became smaller.
      • Her bufferbeam and running board changed from red to peach.
    • Crystal Island Adventures:
      • Her lining, bufferbeam, footplate, and dome changed from peach to a darker shade of orange.
      • Her number changed in color from grey to orange with a black outline.
    • Remembering Pink only
      • The black outline around her number disappeared.
    • Stories From Sodor:Future:
      • Pearl's design changed from an Avonside saddle tank to a GWR 14xx class
      • Her lining, bufferbeam, footplate, dome, and number changed in colour from peach to sky blue.
      • Her wheels and headlamp changed in colour from white to sky blue