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Percy and the Lorries is the fifty-ninth episode of the Engine Friends miniseries.


One morning, Percy is late to collect his train from the docks. Cranky begins to criticise Percy, but Percy complains there is too much work for the engines. Cranky suggests it would be better if lorries did his work. Percy is shocked by this. Later at the sheds, Percy tells the other engines what Cranky had said. The other engines are dismissive, but Percy worries that lorries might actually come.

Soon, three lorries do arrive and Cranky is delighted. One of the lorries is rude towards Percy calling him a steaming lump of scrap iron. Later, when Percy sees Thomas and James, he finds another lorry being rude to them and called Percy a little green goblin on wheels and said that he will be scrapped. At the quarry, Toby runs across another lorry who tells him that he belongs in a museum and tells him to toodle off. Toby's driver tells him to ignore the lorry and they proceed to the flour mill. But when they arrive at the flour mill, Toby is shocked to find yet another lorry. The lorry tells Toby that they are doing his jobs now. The foreman tells Toby's driver that he is sorry for Toby's replacement but the times were changing. Toby's driver then tells him they can head to the farms.

As Toby trundles toward the farms, he enters a canyon, where he watches the lorry he met at the quarry having trouble navigating on a treacherous road above with his load of rocks. The lorry then falls off a cliff and crashes into some rocks below.

The smashed lorry is taken to the docks, where Percy begins to laugh at him and called him a steaming lump of scrap iron like the lorry called him. Butch arrives with the lorry from the flour mill. The tow truck driver explains to Toby's driver that the lorry was overloaded with flour and broke down. James whistles excitedly as he watches men bringing the third lorry in on a barge. The tow truck driver elaborates that the lorry reversed into the sea. Thomas arrives, laughing at the lorries and calling them The Brothers Grimm: Smashed, Broken and Sunk. The lorries promise to return, but never do. The engines commit themselves to their work to ensure the lorries never return.


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