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This article is about the Crystal Island engine. You may be looking for the Keystone Railway engine.

Peridot is Crystal Island's number 7 green tank engine.


Peridot first appeared when Rex first went to Crystal Island. She played a very minor role in the episode.

In Crystal Island Adventure, Peridot was seen in the background shunting cars with Bismuth.

In A Trip to Crystal Island, Peridot gets pushed by her freight cars and her brakes fail, causing her to later have an accident and get shunted to the Steamworks by Philip, Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire.

She is later shown being good friends with Edward and Rosie.


Peridot is very kind and friendly. She is also very hard working and a bit accident prone.


Peridot is a freelance design.


Peridot is painted olive green with dark green lining. She has a dark green dome, bufferbeam/footplate, and wheels. In later seasons, she also has a silver nameplate on her side, along with her green triangular gemstone.


  • She is slightly based on Peridot from Steven Universe.
  • Originally, Peridot was to be a freight car. However, she was changed to an engine following her basis' redemption arc on Steven Universe.