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This is a transcript subpage for Quartz's Backstory.
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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins one evening at Ffarquhar Sheds. Rosie and Jennifer are in the sheds when Quartz arrives.
Narrator One day, Quartz had brought a train of gemstones to Sodor from Crystal Island. That evening, she stayed at Ffarquhar Sheds with Rosie and Jennifer.
Rosie (cheerily) Hello, Quartz.
Quartz Hello, Rosie. Hi, Jennifer.
Jennifer So, Quartz, you've been puffing to and from Sodor for a while now, but we hardly know anything about you.
Rosie Jen's right. Why don't you tell us about yourself.
Quartz Oh, um, alright. I was built in 2013 with the other Crystal Island engines, except for Bismuth, of course.