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Rain is the sixth episode of the sixth season.


It was a rainy day on the Island of Sodor. Everywhere was wet, wet, wet. There were mud puddles all over the rails. Percy and Toby didn't like when it rained this much. They both had had bad experiences with floods before.

Jacob and Sierra met Percy at Knapford Station, they were driving Gordon. The two of them loved the rain.

“Hello, Percy,” Jacob said happily, “Don't you just love the rain?”

“No,” replied Percy.

“How could you not love rain?” Jacob asked.

“You wouldn't love it if you got stuck in a flood like Toby and I have.”

“I guess it's a good thing that I haven't then,” replied Jacob, and they left with Gordon and the express.

While they were taking the express, Gordon, Jacob, and Sierra passed Charlie. He was waiting at a junction next to a huge mud puddle. Gordon thundered by - straight through the puddle, splashing muddy water all over Charlie. 

“Heh, heh, heh,” laughed Charlie, “That was fun Gordon.”

Later, they passed James and thundered through another puddle splashing him with water.

“Gordon!” James exclaimed, “You ruined my paintwork!”

Later, they did the same to Emily.

“Gordon, be careful!” Emily shouted, “The rails up at Crovan's Gate are very slippery!”

But Gordon didn't hear Emily. When they approached Crovan's Gate, Jacob applied the brakes but Gordon's wheels just slipped on the wet rails. Gordon couldn't stop. He sped right past Skarloey.

“Gordon?! Come back!” yelled Skarloey. 



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