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Ralph is a navy blue tender engine.


Stories From Sodor

Season 2

When Ralph first arrived, he was sent to work with James. The two did not get along at first, as James saw Ralph as solely as goods engine, which upset Ralph[1].

Season 4

Later, Ralph told the other Knapford Sheds Engines about his past on the Caledonian Railway[2].

Friends Around the World

Ralph later was asked to go back to Scotland to help out around the railway. While he was there, he met Liam, who has come to the Scottish Railway after Ralph had left. The two became good friends[3].


Ralph is a kind engine. He does not like being called a goods engine, as he feels he is being underestimated whenever he is referred to as such. He also often tries to give the other engines advice.


Ralph is based on a Caledonian Railway "McIntosh 812" 0-6-0. Donald, Douglas, and Edward's Ghost Engine are also members of this class.


Ralph is painted navy blue with light blue lining. He has his number on his tender in light blue.