Raphael was a cancelled character, who was later introduced in the International Friends Around the World spin-off series.


Stories From Sodor

Season 8

Raphael would've been introduced in the eighth season. In what would have been his introductory episode, he would have first become friends with Brady and Benjamin before being teased by the bigger engine because of his unusual appearance. However, Kylie would have ended up sticking up for him[1].

International Friends Around the World

Season 18

In Raphael's introduction, he and his friends found out he was being sent to Sodor. Raphael was very sad to leave his friends[2].


Not much is known about Raphael's personality.


Raphael is based on a GNR G3 Stirling Single with a 0-2-6 wheel arrangement.


Raphael is painted dark green with red lining.


  • Raphael is the first, and so far only, character known to be cancelled.


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