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Rebecca is the second episode of the Friendly Faces Around Sodor miniseries.


Rebecca, the big tender engine, surprises Sir Topham Hatt by arriving early on the island. After all the other engines tell her how fast and useful they all are, Rebecca wants to impress them too. But she tries too hard that she turns up too early for the passengers and leaves early too!

Later, Rebecca is so impressed by Belle putting out a fire with her water cannons, Marion's steam shovel and Harvey's crane that her enthusiasm makes her friends feel very good about themselves. But she can't help wondering if she has any special qualities too.




  • This episode is an adaptation of the twenty-second season episodes Confusion Without Delay and What Rebecca Does.
  • This is the first episode to feature the fantasy sequence from the source material, with the second being Hide and Glow Seek. All the other episode adapted from episodes featuring fantasy sequences have them removed.
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