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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins one morning at Tidmouth Sheds. Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy, Emily, Nia, and Rebecca are just waking up when Richard Hatt arrives in his car.
Richard Hatt Rebecca, today you will be taking a heavy train of slate from Blue Mountain Quarry to Brendam Docks.
Rebecca Yes, Sir.
Rebecca puffs out of Tidmouth Sheds.
The scene changes to Blue Mountain Quarry. Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Duke, Smudger, Freddie, Luke, and Merrick can all be seen busily working. Rusty can also be seen loading Owen. Paxton can be seen shunting a train of loaded Troublesome Trucks , including S.C. Ruffey, Rickety, Fred Pelhay, and Hector into a siding, when Rebecca arrives.