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Rose is the number 62701 pink diesel engine.


Stories From Sodor

Season 2

Rose first came to the Island of Sodor in the second season, where she arrived alongside Marie, Dawn, and Levi. Her and Diesel instantly became friends[1].

Season 9

Rose later thought Mr. Hatt leaving Jacob and Sierra in charge was a bad idea and openly said so[2].


Rose is oily, malicious, devious, scheming and full of ideas to get revenge. She views herself and any other diesel as highly above the steam engines and believes that all diesels are "revolutionary". Her antics give diesels on Sodor a bad reputation, which causes most steam engines, as well as Jacob, to mistrust her. Her rough demeanour also affects her fellow diesels, who are often victims of her tricks alongside steam engines, mainly diesels who are friendlier to steam engines and are just nice in general.

However, despite her antics, Rose still wants to prove herself to be a really useful engine.

Rose does, however, have a soft side. She will protect those she cares about, even if she won't admit that she cares. She also cares very deeply for the other Dieselworks Diesels, as she views them as her family.


Rose is based on a BR Class 08. Over seventy members of this class survive today in preservation, while around 100 remain in service on the national rail network. They were in fact the most successful shunting engines in the world, with 996 of them built. DieselSplatter, Dodge, 'Arry, BertPaxton, Sidney, Ulli, The Mainland Diesels, Kristin, and Zambaq are also members of the class.


Originally, Rose was painted black with light blue lining. She had her name and number on her sides in light blue. She also had a light blue bufferbeam.

In the ninth season of Stories From Sodor:Future, Rose was repainted rose pink with navy blue lining. She has her name and number on her sides in navy blue and a navy blue bufferbeam.