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Rose's Backstory is the twenty-fourth episode of the second season.


One night at the Vicarstown Dieselworks, the diesels began talking to Rose, the newest diesel on the railway.

“So, Rose,” said Diesel 10, “Why don't you tell us more about yourself.”

“What? You mean like my life before I came here?” replied Rose.

“Sure,” said Sidney, the friendly diesel, “We want to know more about you."

“Oh. Um...okay,” said Rose, “I was built in 1962. I was the last engine of my class built.”

“You were the last class 08 ever built?” exclaimed Paxton, who was also a class 08 diesel.

“See?” said Diesel, who was a class 08 too, “We're learning more about you already.”

“Yes, anyway,” Rose began again, “I was built and sent to work with Marie and Murdoch, who were the last of their class as well. Marie and I quickly became friends.”

Diesel, Diesel 10, ‘Arry, and Bert gasped.

“Friends? With a steamie?” Diesel said in disgust, “Disgusting!”

“Nonsense,” said BoCo, the friendly diesel, “I'm friends with Edward and Duck.”

“Den and I are friends with Gordon,” added Dart.

“Daisy and I are friends with Toby,” chipped in Mavis.

“And I'm friends with Porter, and Harvey, and Murdoch, and Thomas, and Arthur, and Ashima, and plenty other steamies too,” said Salty.

“Anyway,” Rose said impatiently, “Can I finish my story without any further interruptions?”

“Don't count on it,” said Den.

“What he means is probably not,” said Dart.

“Whatever,” Rose said, “Where was I?

Oh, right. Marie and I quickly became friends. Then, Dawn and Levi were brought to the railway to help us, since we were the only engines left that weren't in the Railway Museum. Dawn quickly became friends with Marie and I, and Levi quickly became friends with Murdoch. Then, one day, Murdoch was sent away, leaving an unhappy Levi, who ran away. He ended up on the Great Western Railway, where Dawn found him. They say they saw a pink pannier tank engine who was very excitable, but I never believed them. After that years went by, then, the four of us were brought here, where Levi happily reunited with Murdoch, and where I met all of you.”

“Wow Rose,” said Diesel, “Your life before you arrived was pretty interesting.”

“Indeed,” said Daisy.

And the other diesels agreed.




  • This episode was originally going to be the third episode of the cancelled Backstories miniseries.

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