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If you don't mind my asking, what does off color mean?"
"You know, wrong."
"Not right, flawed."
"I don't see anything wrong with you."
"Padparadscha bounces and shakes."
"Rhodonite’s firebox gets clogged when coal is put in it."
"And her boiler doesn't work properly."
"Fluorite is too big to go around most bends."
“And Rutile’s gem came out of the ground wrong, so they were built wrong.

  • Configuration: 0-6-0+0-4-0T
  • Gemstone: Rutile

Rutile is one of the Off Colors.


Rutile first came to Crystal Island with the other Off Colors. When the other Off Colors went to the Steamworks to be overhauled, Rutile stayed on Crystal Island and did Bismuth's work while she was on Sodor.


Both the Front and Rear Rutile are shown to be helpful. They often speak either alternating words, fragments, or even sentences.


Rutile is based heavily on a Double Fairlie locomotive of the Ffestiniog Railway that has been scaled up for standard gauge rails. Rutile has added buffer beams, and an added axle on one end. Mighty Mac is also based on one of these locomotives.


Rutile is painted red with black lining. They have their gemstone on her cab.

Crystal Island
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