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Sapphire is one of the engines from Crystal Island.



Sapphire is seen to be very compassionate, level-headed, serene, and patient. She is quick-thinking and able to come up with quick solutions for problems that arise.

At times, Sapphire can also come off as cold and distant. Because of this, she has trouble expressing her emotions[1].


Sapphire is based on the Great Northern Railway Class N2. Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley as a improvement of Henry Ivatt's Class N1, these locomotives were fitted with condensing apparatus because they were used for inter-city work in the Metropolitan areas of London, while later examples were usually seen around Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. One member of this class, No. 1744 has been preserved and operates on the North Norfolk Railway in Norfolk. In addition to being the sole survivor of its class, 1744 is also the sole surviving example of a Gresley designed tank engine.


Sapphire is painted sky blue with dark blue lining. She has a dark blue gem with a triangular facet on her tanks. She also has the number 2 in dark blue on her coal bunker. She also has a dark blue running board, bufferbeam, and wheels.


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