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Sapphire is one of the engines from Crystal Island.


Sapphire first appeared when Rex first went to Crystal Island. She played a very minor role in the episode.

In Crystal Island Adventure, Sapphire was seen talking to Garnet for a majority of the episode,

In A Trip to Crystal Island, Sapphire helped Philip by showing him what to do.

In The Second First Day, she cheers up Jacob and Sierra the night before their first day of their sophomore year of high school.


Sapphire is quiet and polite.


Sapphire is a freelance design, though she slightly resembles Ryan.


Sapphire is painted sky blue with dark blue lining. She has a dark blue gem with a triangular facet on her tanks. She also has the number 2 in dark blue on her coal bunker,


  • She is slightly based on Sapphire from Steven Universe.

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