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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins one Saturday morning at Knapford Station. Jacob is standing on the station platform when Kira walks up to him.
Kira Ah, Jacob. Are you free today?
Jacob Yes, why?
Kira Well, Henry's driver has fallen ill, and I need him to take a train of scrap to the scrapyard at Vicarstown Goods Depot. Can you drive Henry for me?
Jacob (happily) I'd love to!
Kira Splendid! Henry's waiting in the yards.
Jacob walks away, towards Knapford Yards.
The scene changes to Knapford Yards. Thomas is in the yard with some Troublesome Trucks full of stone. Emily is in the yard pulling her coaches. Percy is in the yard with some tankers. Henry is also in the yard. Samson and Bradford can also be seen exiting the yard. Jacob walks over to Henry.
Jacob Good morning, Henry.
Henry (surprised to see him) Jacob? What are you doing here?
Jacob Kira's asked me to fill in for your driver, since he's fallen ill.

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