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There have been several scrapped engines seen across Sodor and other railways.

These engines are seen around scrapyards on Sodor and they are mostly based off of models of existing characters. These included Thomas, Gordon, Donald and/or Douglas, and City of Truro.

Marklin is also one of these scrapped engines.

There was also a scrap model of Lorry 2.


The basis for these include LBSCR E2s (the same class as Thomas), GNR A1s (same class as Gordon), Caledonian Railway 812s (same class as Donald & Douglas), GWR City class (same class as City of Truro), DRG class 80 (same class as the Marklin engine) and Henschel DHG class 500 diesels.

The Old Tenders are based on Fowler and Thompson tenders.

There are also GWR 16 ton Toad brake vans and tankers, as well as Foden OG range lorries.