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Written by Original release date Episode number #
EmilytotheRescueTitleCardEmily to the RescueJacobacranmer14th October 2015#01
Emily, along with old friends Brady and Olivia, journey to the Other Railway to save another old friend from being scrapped.
Memories, Sweet Sweet Memories
Jacobacranmer17th May 2016#02
The engines reminisce over memorable moments that have occured on Sodor.
BradySaving BenjaminJacobacranmerTBA#03
Emily, Brady, Olivia, and Kylie journey to the Other Railway to save Brady's twin, Benjamin.
RosieSeason1Rosie, Jacob, Sierra, and the Troublesome TrucksJacobacranmerTBA#04
A train of Troublesome Trucks causes trouble for Jacob, Sierra, and Rosie.
BackinService1Back In ServiceJacobacranmer15th June 2015#05
Jacob and Sierra help to have Glynn mended and put back in service.
DockyardTales17Dockyard TalesJacobacranmer2nd July 2015#06
One night during a storm, some of the engines, who are stuck at Brendam Docks, reminisce about a few memorable Sodor moments.
Homesick1HomesickJacobacranmer19th June 2015#07
Jacob and Sierra feel homesick.
ChildhoodMemories1Childhood MemoriesJacobacranmer1st July 2015#08
Jacob and Sierra tell the Knapford Sheds engines about their childhood.
SFSLogoThe Best Start to SummerJacobacranmerTBA#09
Jacob and Sierra got to America to pick up Rylie and bring her to Sodor for the summer.
JacobandRylie'sBlueMountainAdventure10Jacob and Rylie's Blue Mountain AdventureJacobacranmer25th June 2015#10
Jacob and Rylie work at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
Cassie'sBirthdaySurprise1Cassie's Birthday SurpriseJacobacranmerTBA#11
Jacob and Sierra throw a surprise party for Cassie's birthday.
ASurpriseforJacob1A Surprise for JacobJacobacranmerTBA#12
Sierra and Rylie throw a surprise party for Jacob's birthday.
SFSLogoA Birthday Surprise for CarolineJacobacranmerTBA#13
Jacob and Rylie throw a surprise party for Caroline's birthday.
SirHandel(episode)1Sir Handel and the Baking SodaPoodabran13th April 2016#14
TobyCAEA!Toby and the Subway CarPoodabran13th April, 2016#15
TheParty9Earls and PassengersPoodabran13th April 2016#16
Diesel10CallingAllEnginespromo2Trouble for Diesel 10JacobacranmerTBA#17
The Troublesome Trucks cause trouble for Diesel 10.
SFSLogoJacob and the Famous VisitorJacobacranmerTBA#18
Jacob wants to take Taylor Swift to her concert at the Town Square, but Sierra and Rylie are chosen to take her instead.
SmudgerReturns1Smudger ReturnsJacobacranmerTBA#19
Smudger returns to the Skarloey Railway and causes trouble for the other engines, especially Duke.
DonaldandDouglastheScottishTwins9Donald, Douglas, and the Trouble With LeavesJacobacranmerTBA#20
While they are taking a heavy goods train from Brendam to Vicarstown, Donald and Douglas encounter wet leaves on Gordon's Hill.
PeterSamandtheTrucks1Gordon and the Railway Choice AwardsPoodabran13th April 2016#21
DuckandDonald3No Hamburgers for DuckPoodabran13th April 2016#22
EmilyCAEA!Emily's Arianating ExperiencePoodabran13th April 2016#23
PaxtonSeason2Paxton and the New DieselPoodabran13th April 2016#24
MurdochSeason1Murdoch's Money MadnessPoodabran13th April 2016#25
HarveytheCraneEngine1Harvey and the Railway InspectorsPoodabran13th April 2016#26
ButchHead-OnModelpromoButch Proves a PointPoodabran13th April 2016#27

Cancelled Episodes

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US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
BradySpriteHome, Sweet Home/
A New Home
New sheds are built for all of the Knapford Sheds Engines.
SFSLogoJacob's Unlucky DayJacobacranmern/an/a
Jacob has a bad day.
GordonSeason1Gordon and the Famous SingerPoodabrann/an/a
Gordon is asked to take a famous singer to a concert.
TheNewBridge1The New BridgeJacobacranmern/an/a
A new bridge is built on Sodor, but it is very unstable.


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