This is the tenth season of the Stories From Sodor series.


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Bill,Ben,andConnor1Food For ThoughtLoco12345620th September 2017#01
Getting fed up with the interference of food deliveries, James decides to take control of the situation.
SirHandel(episode)1Surprise!Loco12345622nd September 2017#02
Duncan and Sir Handel cause trouble with the plans for a surprise party for Sir Topham Hatt.
SidneyattheDieselworkspromoA Rumble and a TumbleLoco12345623rd September 2017#03
Sidney causes an accident when he doesn't wait for his load to be secured.
DaisytheDieselRailcar4Daisy's RescueLoco12345626th September 2017#04
'Arry and Bert keep the Breakdown Train all to themselves, but when an accident happens, it's up to Daisy to find the Breakdown Train and save the day.
BigMickeyCarly&CrankyPromoA Tale of Three CranesJacobacranmerTBA#05
When there is a plethora of work for Cranky, Carly, and Big Mickey at Brendam Docks, the three cranes try to get all their jobs done as fast as they can. But, their rushing about ends up causing confusion and delay.
SFSLogoKira In ChargeJacobacranmerTBA#06
Richard Hatt is sick, so Kira takes over the railway for the day.
BradyBrady's Christmas WishJacobacranmerTBA#07
Brady wishes for the perfect Christmas, but everything goes wrong.
ThomasCallingAllEnginespromoThomas and the Lonely Tank EngineLoco1234569th October 2017#08
Thomas becomes friends with the Marklin engine.
SirHandel(episode)1Out of ControlLoco12345610th October 2017#09
Sir Handel gets in a moody state, and tries to get out of work.
CrankytheCrane13Cranky's New JobLoco12345611th October 2017#10
Cranky gets sent to help turn the Brickworks into an automobile parts factory.
KellymodelpromoA Credit to the CrewLoco12345611th October 2017#11
Kelly returns from being mended and learns that every contribution to the project counts.
GeorgeFrontGeorge and the DragonLoco12345611th October 2017#12
The Scottish Twins get back at George on Halloween after he's rude to them.
BulgyCGIBulgy's TownLoco12345611th October 2017#13
Bulgy boasts that he plays a more important role in the town of Tidmouth.
Season1PercyPromoAll's Well that Ends WellLoco12345611th October 2017#14
Percy has an accident while helping Andrew the barber move from Crosby to Elsbridge.
LukeatDaisyHaltpromoAll Steamed UpLoco12345611th October 2017#15
Luke gets cross when Ulfstead Mine is used to repair Ulfstead Castle.
A new engine named Aaron arrives.
Whiff2Aaron and WhiffJamesicranmerTBA#17
Aaron meets Whiff.
Theopromo2Where's Theo?!Loco12345620th October 2017#18
When Theo feels as though he isn't wanted at the Steelworks, he runs away to Sodor, only to get into trouble..
Diesel10CallingAllEnginespromo2Missing ScrapLoco12345620th October 2017#19
Diesel 10 stirs up trouble when the Mainland Steelworks have been offered to help with the removal of Sodor's scrap from Crock's Scrapyard.
Theopromo2Aaron and Theo's Trip to the SteelworksJamesicranmerTBA#20
Aaron and Theo are sent to help out at the Steelworks.
Amethyst,Ruby,andSapphirePromoA Trip to the Keystone RailwayJamesicranmerTBA#21
Gemstone jewelry is in high demand during the Christmas season on Sodor, so both Richard Hatt and Mr. Thompson send engines to get gemstones from the Keystone Railway.
SFSLogoThe Sodor AwardsJamesicranmer
Jacob and Sierra hold an awards show for the engines to celebrate all they've accomplished over the years.
ThomasCallingAllEnginespromoEqual TreatmentLoco1234567th July, 2018#23
Thomas doesn't really think about treating Sophia the same way as Annie and Clarabel.
JamesandtheBees1Under PressureLoco1234567th July, 2018#24
BoCo comes back from being mended, but ends up breaking down again.
CrankytheCrane6James' Branchline ExperienceLoco1234567th July, 2018#25
James is upset about only being allowed on the Main Line, so he decides to go down Edward's Branch Line.
MollytheYellowEngine5Molly the Mighty EngineLoco12345618th July, 2018#26
Molly learns that she has what it takes to not let the rude comments of the other engines to get the better of her.




  • This season has fewer episodes written by Jacobacranmer than any other season, with 3.
    • This is because Jacob decided to step back from writing for this season and instead focus on the unfinished episodes from earlier in the series.
  • This season also marks Rhodonite and Fluorite's first appearances outside of the Crystal Island Adventures miniseries.
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