This is the eleventh season of the Stories From Sodor series.


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Dustin Helps Out
Dustin arrives on Sodor to help in the snow.
SFSLogoRobot Wars LiveJacobacranmerTBA#02
Robot Wars comes to Sodor to do a live event, and Jacob is asked to be the pit reporter.
AmethystandRubyPromoAmethyst and Ruby's Mainland AdventureJacobacranmerTBA#03
Amethyst and Ruby are given the job of taking a train of gemstones to the Mainland.
FloraModelFlora and DaisyJacobacranmerTBA#04
Flora is sent to help Daisy with the passengers on her branch line.
BulgytheDoubleDeckerBus5Flora and BulgyJacobacranmerTBA#05
Bulgy and Flora work together.
Hank's Special Job
Hank is given a special job.
Billy2Charlie and BillyJacobacranmerTBA#07
Charlie and Billy work together.
SFSLogoJacob's Big BreakJacobacranmerTBA#08
After being the pit reporter when Robot Wars came to town, Jacob receives an email from the producer of Battlebots in the United States, meaning Jacob must decide whether to go to the United States for Battlebots, or to stay on Sodor with his friends.
BattlebotsFilmingDay1(BiteForcevsBlacksmith)Battlebots Filming DayJacobacranmerTBA#09
Jacob and Jackson go to Baltimore for Battlebots filming.
SFSLogoJacob and Connor's Busy DayJacobacranmerTBA#10
Sierra gets sick, so Jacob and Connor offer to do her work as well as their own. However, they end up becoming overwhelmed with all the work.
Jennifer2Jennifer's Day at the Shunting YardJacobacranmerTBA#11
Richard Hatt sends Jennifer to shunt at Knapford Yard.
TheHorridLorriesThe Return of the Horrid LorriesJacobacranmerTBA#12
The Horrid Lorries return, but this time, they bring more friends.
GordontheBestDressedEngine6Best Dressed EngineJacobacranmerTBA#13
The engines are celebrating May Day and they are all decorated. Madison comes up with a "Best Dressed Engine" competition but Marie sees decorations as undignified.
Dailey RedesignedDaileyJacobacranmerTBA#14
Richard Hatt has the Quadruplets work apart for a few days, and sends Dailey to help at Anopha Quarry.
Dawson RedesignedDawsonJacobacranmerTBA#15
Richard Hatt has the Quadruplets work apart for a few days and sends Dawson to help at Arlesburgh.
Damian RedesignedDamianJacobacranmerTBA#16
Richard Hatt has the Quadruplets work apart for a few days and sends Damian to Knapford Yards.
David RedesignedDavidJacobacranmerTBA#17
Richard Hatt has the Quadruplets work apart for a few days and sends David to the Sodor Railway Museum.
SFSLogoA Busy Day at the MuseumJacobacranmerTBA#18
Richard Hatt sends Jacob to work at Arlesburgh, and Jacob leaves Jackson in charge of the Sodor Railway Museum. However, it is a busy day at the museum and Jackson soon becomes overwhelmed.
SFSLogoJacob, Sierra, and the DogsJacobacranmerTBA#19
Jacob and Sierra find an injured dog, and decide to nurse it back to health.
SFSLogoA Doggy DiscoveryJacobacranmerTBA#20
Jacob and Sierra discover the dog they found was abandoned by workers of an illegal puppy mill.
JamesandtheBees5Trevor's Harbour Clean-UpLoco12345623 July 2018#21
During the winter months, Trevor begins to take the Vicar's firewood to Brendam Docks.
Heavy fog comes to Sodor, and this causes problems for the engines.
RayannRayannThe Knapford StationmasterTBA#23
Percy has been working hard. He complains about being worked too hard, so a new engine named Rayann is brought to Sodor to help him.
SFSLogoA Day at the RacesJacobacranmerTBA#24
Jacob and Sierra introduce another new event on Sodor.
Oliver(engine)Season1Oliver's TokenLoco123456TBA#25
OldSlowCoachNot WantedLoco123456TBA#26




  • This season marks the first of several things:
    • Hank's first appearance since the fifth season
    • Connor's first appearance in the main series since the third season
    • The first appearances of Dustin and Jeremy
    • Jackson's first appearance in the main series
    • The Quadruplets' first appearances since the sixth season.
    • The first and only season to feature The Knapford Stationmaster as writer
Season 11

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