This is the twelfth season of the Stories From Sodor series.


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FlyingThistleA Thistle of KnightsTheNorthWesternerTBA#01
A Private Owner visits the Island and he brings along an engine by the name of Flying Thistle, Gordon's Brother.
James is sent on Edward's Branchline for punishment and is annoyed until he saves BoCo from an accident at Brendam with Salty.
GordonandNia3Gordon and NiaAndrew Brenner (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#03
With all the changes happening at Tidmouth, Gordon is feeling a little blue. Luckily his new friend Nia is there to show him that not all change is bad.

Note: Adaptation of Forever and Ever.

Duck'sNewFriend1Duck's New Friend
Duck's New Coach
Lee Pressman (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#04
After a storm sweeps through Sodor, Duck tries to find a new classroom for the schoolchildren of Harwick.

Note: Adaptation of School of Duck.

SamsonandtheFireworks1Samson and the FireworksLee Pressman (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#05
Soon there will be an annual fireworks show, which Samson is very scared of.

Note: Adaptation of Samson and the Fireworks.

SpecialAgentSidneyandtheCaseofthePuzzlingParts1Special Agent Sidney and the Case of the Puzzling PartsDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#06
Special Agent Sidney sets out to solve The Case of the Puzzling Parts.

Note: Adaptation of The Case of the Puzzling Parts.

ThomasandtheAnimals1Thomas and the AnimalsLee Pressman (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#07
It's Christmas Eve. The boiler that keeps the animals warm has broken, and the ship that carries the new one can not arrive because of bad weather.

Note: Adaptation of Thomas' Animal Ark.

Valentine'sDay1Valentine's DayDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#08
It's Valentine's Day, and Sir Topham organizes a surprise to Lady Hatt thanks to the unaware help of Rosie and Thomas.

Note: Adaptation of Rosie is Red.

MerlintheInvisible1Merlin the InvisibleAndrew Brenner (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#9
Merlin visits Sodor and confuses Percy.

Note: Adaptation of Seeing is Believing

JamesandPhilip1James and PhilipBecky Overton (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#10
Philip refuses to move out of James' way, leading to trouble!

Note: Adaptation of Apology Impossible

Rebecca(episode)4Jacob and RebeccaJacobacranmerTBA#11
Jacob and Jackson drive Rebecca for the first time.
BillandBen'sNewGame1Bill and Ben's New GameMichael White (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#12
Bill and Ben play a new game.

Note: Adaptation of Hunt The Truck.

LilySpriteDaisy and the New EngineJacobacranmerTBA#13
A new diesel railcar arrives on Sodor and makes Daisy think she's not so unique.
JacobandSkarloey1Tea With SkarloeyLoco12345621st September 2018#14
Rebecca(episode)4Rebecca and HectorJacobacranmerTBA#15
Hector tries to teach Rebecca how to be assertive.
DuckandDonald3The Great Western WayLoco1234567th October 2018#16
SFSLogoThe New Miniature EngineJacobacranmerTBA#17
Mr. Fergus Duncan buys a new engine for his railway.
Belle2Beautiful BelleJacobacranmerTBA#18
After a group of passengers makes fun of her for looking unusual, Belle feels her water cannons are unnecessary. However, Rebecca convinces Belle that she is beautiful the way she is.
Bill,Ben,andConnor1Must Get The CoalLoco12345613th October 2018#19
DuketheOldEngine12An Old FriendJacobacranmerTBA#20
Mr. Percival buys one of the former Mid Sodor Railway engines.
CharliethePlayfulPurpleTankEngine1Jokers at WarTheNorthWesternerTBA#21
Jinty comes to help out at Tidmouth Harbor. He and Charlie see each other again after an accident on the mainland and the two start trouble in the yard.
Jacob thinks he'll never be able to follow his dream of being an actor on Broadway.
Nia2Murdoch and NiaJacobacranmerTBA#23
Richard Hatt sends Murdoch and Nia to work at Blue Mountain Quarry.
EdwardandtheLittleEngines1Edward and the Little EnginesJacobacranmerTBA#24
Edward works with the narrow gauge engines at Blue Mountain Quarry.

Note: Adaptation of Edward the Helpful Engine.

It is Halloween and the engines get together to tell ghost stories. Everything is going well until ghosts start appearing all over Sodor.
MarieSprite(Post-NWR)Marie's New CoatMichael White (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#26
After an accident, Marie is waiting at the Steamworks to be repaired. She hears that there might not be enough yellow paint to repaint her and gets worried she will be repainted a different colour.

Note: Adaptation of An Engine of Many Colours




  • This is the first season of several things:
    • The first to feature TheNorthWesterner as a writer.
    • The first season to feature adaptations of twenty-second season episodes
    • The first season in which Dexter, Atlas, Allison, Jinty, Lily, Jonathan, and The Flying Thistle appear
    • The first season since the sixth to not feature Crystal Island
    • The first season since the fourth in which Jasmine is mentioned and the first in which she makes a physical appearance
Season 12

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