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US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
MarieSprite(Post-NWR)Marie's Important JobJames Mason (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Marie refuses to help her friends when given an important job.

Note: Adaptation of James Goes Too Far

Rebecca(episode)4Rebecca and MarieJacobacranmerTBA#02
Marie and Rebecca are asked to work together taking coal around the Island.
JackieSprite(Green&Red)Jackie's New PaintJacobacranmerTBA#03
Jackie is rewarded for her hard work with a new coat of paint and she decides to change it up a little.
BacktoBattlebots1(BlacksmithvsQuantum)Back to BattlebotsJacobacranmerTBA#04
Battlebots is filming a new season once again, and Jacob and Jackson return to America to return as pit reporters.
A new forklift is brought in to help at the Steamworks and Kevin fears he is being replaced.
SFSLogoA New TheaterJacobacranmerTBA#06
A new community theater is built at Knapford.
SFSLogoJacob's New RoleJacobacranmerTBA#07
Jacob is given a lead role in the first production at the new community theater, but this makes him a little hot headed.
CrankytheCrane6James and MikeJacobacranmerTBA#08
James and Mike get into an argument about coaches and trucks.
BradyandtheFamousVisitor6A New RecordLoco12345612 June 2019#09
MikeCGIpromo2Mike's New LiveryLoco12345612 June 2019#10
CrankytheCrane5Graduation DayJacobacranmerTBA#11
It's the day of Jacob, Sierra, and Kira's high school graduation, and the engines are helping prepare for the festivities.
PeterSamandtheTrucks1Good TimesJacobacranmerTBA#12
Jacob, Sierra, and Kira are having their graduation party at Knapford and the engines look back on the good times they've shared with the trio.
TheParty8Things ChangeJacobacranmerTBA#13
Gordon fears that Jacob will be going to university far away and struggles to cope with this. He then tries to convince Jacob to stay on Sodor by showing him all the reasons he loves the Island in the first place.
AlgyBertie and AlgyChristopher Awdry (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Bertie is looking forward to taking the naturalist society out on a picnic, but is upset when he cannot go anywhere because of engine troubles. Algy fills in for him, but Algy's engine causes problems along the way and breaks down altogether when it is time to go home. Bertie is repaired all ready to take the stranded passengers home.

Note: Adaptation of Bertie Saves the Day.

TobyCAEA!Steamies and DieselsJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#15
One afternoon, Toby passes the quarry pulling a train of tankers full of diesel fuel, when Bill tells him to turn around and let the diesels wait. Since Diesel 10 called Toby an "out-of-date little engine", he agrees and leaves the tankers at the quarry. However, the next morning, Toby goes to fill up with coal and the hopper is empty because Diesel 10 was due to bring more but ran out of fuel.

Note: Adaptation of Working Together.

FergustheRailwayTractionEngine1Fergus and the TrucksJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#16
The trucks are being very troublesome, singing a rude song about steam and diesel engines. As Fergus collects the trucks, they laugh at his tall funnel. To teach them a lesson, Fergus decides to leave them in a tunnel. The trucks plead to the engines to let them out. Eventually, Fergus does so and now the trucks sing about the engines being really useful.

Note: Adaptation of Left Alone.

Diesel10CallingAllEnginespromo2Creepy ClawJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#17
Henry gets scared of Diesel 10's claw. Elsewhere, 'Arry and Bert are playing tricks on Salty. Then, the twins see Diesel 10's claw in the moonlit sky and get scared themselves.

Note: Adaptation of Creepy Claw.

TrevortheTractionEngine5Trevor and the FunfairChristopher Awdry & Jenny Lewis (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Trevor wants to help at a fair and his wish comes true when the merry-go-round breaks down and he has to give the children a ride.

Note: Adaptation of The Merry-Go-Round That Wouldn't.

BulgytheDoubleDeckerBus4Oliver's Funnel TroublesChristopher Awdry (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Oliver feels "stuffed-up", but the inspector cannot work out what the problem is and Duck has to take the ballast. Duck gives the trucks a bump, but he loosens a plate and makes his tank leak. Algy comes to take the passengers and Oliver comes to help Duck home. Along the way, something shoots out of Oliver's funnel.

Note: Adaptation of Funnel Trouble.

Skarloey(episode)4TeamworkJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#20
Peter Sam is impressed by some climbers.

Note: Adaptation of Climb Time!.

PercySeason1Percy and the PonyJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#21
Percy meets a girl named Sophie and her pony named Playful.

Note: Adaptation of Playful Pony.

BulstrodeModelBulstrode's New FriendJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#22
Bulstrode helps a little boy on the beach.

Note: Adaptation of Take Cover!.

HideandGlowSeek10Hide and Glow SeekDavey Moore (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
When Diesel hides from the other engines, his plans backfire and he gets a surprise on Sodor.

Note: Adaptation of Diesel Glows Away.

TheParty9Silly SteamieJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#24
Percy is in a hurry to collect his trucks in the yard, but Dennis has fallen asleep and blocked the track, so Percy tells him to wake up. Diesel overhears Percy being rude to a fellow diesel and drops oil on the tracks, causing Percy to bump into Oliver.

Note: Adaptation of Come Back, Please!.

AmetrineSpriteAmetrine's VisitJacobacranmerTBA#25
Ametrine is sent to help out on Sodor for a few days.
MainClass40ModelThe Diesel Helps the SteamiesJacobacranmer1 August 2019#26
The Diesel helps Bill and Ben win a race.

Note: Adaptation of The Big Hero


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