The fourteenth season of Stories From Sodor is an upcoming season.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
Darcy'sFirstDay1Darcy's First DayBecky Overton (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Darcy makes some mistakes on her first day, but she soon makes up for it when everyone sees what she can really do.

Note: Adaptation of First Day on Sodor!

DarcySavestheDay1Darcy Saves the DayMichael White (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Max and Monty's antics on a construction site can get them into trouble.

Note: Adaptation of Deep Trouble.

LorenzoCGIPromoLorenzo and Beppe's Sodor AdventureJacobacranmerTBA#03
Lorenzo and Beppe visit Sodor.
MurdochSeason1Missing MurdochJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#04
A fed up James tricks Murdoch into taking his goods train. However, it is too much for the big engine and he ends up stuck in an overgrown siding.

Note: Adaptation of Missing Murdoch.

SFSLogoOff to UniversityJacobacranmerTBA#05
Jacob and his friends are soon going to start university and are preparing for it.
RebeccaandDiesel1Rebecca and DieselDavey Moore (original); Jacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#06
Diesel plays a trick on Rebecca to try to get the other engines in trouble for a change.

Note: Adaptation of Diesel Do Right

BulgyandBertie1Bulgy and BertieMichael White (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Bulgy thinks that people should travel by bus instead of rail, until he learns that having so many passengers is not easy for the buses on their own.

Note: Adaptation of Free the Roads.

BradySpriteBusy BradyJacobacranmerTBA#08
Brady has a very busy day and rushes through all his jobs to make sure he can get it all done.
MountainEngineIllustrationMountain EnginesRev W Awdry (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Culdee returns from being overhauled.

Note: Adaptation of Mountain Engines.

PercyandtheGoat1Percy and the GoatBritt Allcroft and David Mitton (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
A "Best Dressed Station" contest is being held across Sodor. However, as Percy is helping decorate Maithwaite station, a hungry ram is found at the station and the decorations are ruined.

Note:Adaptation of Baa!

DuckandDonald3Little Engines Can Do Big ThingsChristopher Awdry (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
Thomas, Duck, and Percy triple head the Express while Gordon and Henry are ill.

Note: Adaptation of Triple Header

Rheneas'NewCoat1Rheneas' New CoatJacobacranmerTBA#12
Rheneas gets a new coat of paint, but not in his usual livery.
DieselDisaster!1Diesel Disaster!Davey Moore (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
The steam engines must all work overtime when a series of accidents put all of the diesel engines out of action, and they have to do all their work, as well as their own.

Note: Adaptation of Steam Team to the Rescue!

Diesel'sNewFriend1Coughs and SneezlesJacobacranmer (adaptation)TBA#14
It is "Diesel Day" on Sodor.

Note: Adaptation of Diesel Day!


Characters Introduced



  • This season marks the first of several things:
    • Darcy's first appearance
    • The first appearance of Culdee and the Culdee Fell Railway since the Friendly Faces Around Sodor miniseries.
    • The first to feature and episode that is an adaptation of a Railway Series story since the Arlesdale Adventures miniseries.
    • The first and only season of Stories From Sodor to feature less than 20 episodes, making it the shortest season to date.
  • This is the final season of Stories From Sodor.
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