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US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
SFSLogo.png Sierra's Birthday Adventure Jacobacranmer TBA #01
Jacob and Kira throw a surprise party for Sierra's birthday.
RalphSprite.png James and the New Engine Jacobacranmer TBA #02
A new engine named Ralph arrives on Sodor.
MadisonSprite.png A New Friend for Rosie Jacobacranmer TBA #03
A new engine named Madison arrives on Sodor.
SFSLogo.png Maddox and the Signal Jacobacranmer TBA #04
Maddox fills in for Jacob while he is sick, but stresses about the signals at Knapford Junction.
  1. Diesel's New Friend
  2. Insignificant
  3. Blisters
  4. Twin Day
  5. James' Day Out
  6. Murdoch and Neville
  7. A Dirty Day for Daniel
  8. An Arlesdale Adventure
  9. A Bad Day for Diesel
  10. A Day for the Diesels
  11. Quadruplets
  12. Quads, Quarries, and Quarrels
  13. Kids and Quarrels
  14. Paige Returns
  15. Crystal Island Adventure
  16. Little Engines Can Do Big Things
  17. Jack of Many Trades
  18. Marion Makes a Move
  19. Rosie's Old Friend
  20. Rose's Backstory
  21. Marie's Backstory
  22. Dawn and Levi's Backstory
  23. Jacob, Sierra, and Rylie's Backstory
  24. Football
  25. Brady and the Famous Visitor


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  • This is the first season of several things:
  • This is also the only season of a few things:
    • The only season in which Shawn and Olivia the Steam Ship appear
    • The only season to feature more than 27 episodes
Season 2