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This is the seventh season of the series.


  1. A Trip to Crystal Island - Philip goes to Crystal Island for the first time.
  2. Too Much for Porter - Porter overworks himself and has an accident.
  3. A Day at the National Railway Museum - A day at the National Railway Museum is profiled.
  4. Percy and Henry's Haunted Halloween - Percy believes that he and Henry have seen a ghost engine.
  5. Gordon Gets the Goods - Henry is given the job of taking the express, so Gordon has to take his goods trains.
  6. Night Train
  7. Murdoch's Mess - Murdoch tries to do too much at once and it gets him into trouble.
  8. Branch Line Friends
  9. Dockyard Friends
  10. Quarry Friends
  11. Great Western Friends
  12. Narrow Gauge Friends
  13. Minimum Gauge Friends / Small Railway Friends
  14. Crystal Friends
  15. Main Line Friends
  16. American Friends
  17. Jordyn and Marie
  18. Brady Gets the Express - Gordon lets Brady take the express.
  19. Brady and Benjamin - Brady and Benjamin get into some trouble together.
  20. A Cold Day for Jacob / Jacob's Cold Day- Jacob gets sick.
  21. Jacob, Douglas, and Meg / Douglas' Foggy Day - Jacob and Meg drive Douglas in the fog.
  22. Percy's Wish Come True - Percy want to take coaches instead of trucks, and when Henry breaks down, he gets to.
  23. Jacob the Grown-Up - Jacob wants to act like an adult, but finds this difficult.
  24. Serious Stanley
  25. Duck Pushes Through - Duck learns that sometimes, ginseng who don't get along have to work with each other.
  26. Rex and the Cotton Race - Rex learns that he and Mighty Mac have to share the workload of Farmer Willie's Cotton Farm.


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Characters Introduced

  • Duchess of Hamilton
  • Matthew


  • This marks the first of several things:
    • The first appearance of Crystal Island, the Crystal Island engines, and City of Truro since the second season .
    • The first appearance of Boxhill and The Little Strasburg since the fourth season.
    • The first overall appearances Duchess of Hamilton and Matthew.
    • The first physical appearance of Mallard.
    • Brady and Benjamin's first main roles since the fourth season.
    • The first to feature episodes by Bluebell55.
    • The first season in which Bill and Ben do not appear
  • This is the only season that Bradford does not appear in since his introduction in the previous season.