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This is the eighth season of the series.


  1. Jacob, Meg, Sierra, and the Snow
  2. Jacob's First Skate - Meg and Sierra take Jacob ice skating for the first time, but Jacob accidentally causes trouble on the ice.
  3. Marion and the Miniature Engines
  4. The New School - Jack and the Pack are building Sodor's first ever college.
  5. Marion and Ned - Ned is sent to work with Marion at the Clay Pits.
  6. Marion and Daisy
  7. Keeping to the Timetable - Samson learns to not cause delays, while Bradford learns not to be in control of the other engines.
  8. Jacob, Sierra, and Bradford - Jacob and Sierra work with Bradford for the first time, but Bradford's strict attitude starts to annoy them.
  9. Geoffrey's Real?! - An engine matching the description of an engine homas made up visits the Island, much to the surprise of all the engines.
  10. Stuck In The Snow - Duck goes out to rescue Oliver, only getting himself stuck!
  11. Sidney's Commitment - Sidney learns how to get his work done, and at the same time how change takes time.
  12. Gordon's Express Delivery - A trick is played on Gordon to teach him how to do jobs he doesn't like.
  13. The Blind Engine - Thomas and Percy bully a visiting engine who is blind.
  14. Solutions - Frank is feeling as though he isn't cared about.
  15. Best Friends Day - Jacob and Sierra explain Best Friends Day to the engines, and then celebrate it with them.
  16. Blown Away
  17. Jacob, Sierra, and Hugo - Jacob and Sierra meet Hugo.
  18. Jacob, Sierra, and Lexi - Jacob and Sierra meet Lexi.
  19. Jacob, Sierra, and Theo - Jacob and Sierra meet Theo.
  20. Journey Beyond Knapford - Madison and Rosie visit the Steelworks on the Mainland for the first time.
  21. Jacob, Sierra, and Merlin - Jacob and Sierra meet Merlin.
  22. Hugo and the Dinosaurs - Hugo visits the Earl's Dinosaur Park, and he think that the dinosaurs are real.
  23. Jacob and Sierra's Birthday Shock
  24. Amethyst's First Snow
  25. The Old Repair Yard - Jem Cole learns about time management between his two jobs.
  26. Importance - Hank realizes that there are many things he has to share with the other engines.




  • This is the first season in which Edward does not speak
Season 8