Sierra is a human character.


Stories From Sodor

The Search for the Controllers

In Sierra's first appearance, she, along with Jacob, Cassie, and Caroline, came to Sodor for the first time to visit Kira and her family[1]. Sometime between the special and Rosie, Jacob, Sierra, and the Troublesome Trucks, Jacob and Sierra decided to stay on Sodor.

Season 1

Later on, Sierra, Jacob, and Rosie were taking a train of stone from Anopha Quarry to Brendam. However, Jacob was very impatient, and did not wait for a brake van before leaving the quarry. Because of this, they had trouble getting up Gordon's Hill until Oliver, Cassie, and Kira came along and helped them up the hill. However, Jacob did not want to stop to uncouple Oliver, and this lead to Rosie and Oliver having an accident in Henry's Forest[2]. Sierra and Jacob later convinced Sir Topham Hatt to restore Glynn[3] and threw surprise birthday parties for Cassie[4] and Caroline[5].

Season 9

Later, Jacob and Sierra were left in charge of the North Western Railway while Richard Hatt's family went on holiday, much to the dismay of Marie and Rose[6].


Sierra is a very loving and caring girl. She is also determined and very persistent.


Sierra can almost always be found wearing either yellow or purple.



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