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Skarloey Railway Stories is a miniseries that takes place after season 2 and the Engine Friends miniseries. It takes place before the Amazing Adventures miniseries. It profiles the engines of the Skarloey Railway.


  1. Skarloey
  2. Skarloey and the Snow
  3. Rheneas
  4. Skarloey and Rheneas
  5. Sir Handel
  6. Sir Handel and the Steam Roller
  7. Peter Sam's Special Funnel
  8. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady
  9. Peter Sam and the Trucks
  10. Peter Sam and the Statue
  11. Duncan and the Diesel Engine
  12. Rusty the Small Diesel
  13. Rusty and the Boulder
  14. Duncan
  15. Dunkin Duncan
  16. Duke the Old Engine
  17. Smudger
  18. Mighty Mac the Double Fairlie
  19. Freddie
  20. Bertram the Old Warrior
  21. Luke the Quarry Engine
  22. Duncan the Grumpy Engine
  23. Luke and Millie
  24. Ivo Hugh
  25. Trouble at the Wharf - Colin and Peter Sam stand up to the unorganized schedule of the deliveries at the Wharf.



Skarloey Railway Stories

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