This article is about the freight car. You may be looking for the engine.

Smoky is a freight car from Crystal Island.


Although Smoky has yet to have a speaking role, she has been seen in several episodes, as a part of trains pulled by Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, and Pearl.


Smoky has a proud, carefree, excited, and happy-go-lucky attitude.


Smoky is based on a 7-plank open wagon.


Smoky is painted brown. She has her name on her side in black, as well as her two brown gemstones. Her front wheels are pink, while her rear wheels are purple.


  • Smoky is based on Smoky Quartz from Steven Universe.
    • This is where her wheel colours come from, as Smoky Quartz is a fusion of Steven (a rose quartz) and Amethyst.

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