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Smudger was an olive narrow gauge tank engine who used to work on the Mid Sodor Railway and was later turned into a generator due to his tendency to misbehave and derail frequently. He would later be purchased by Mr. Percival and restored, and now works on the Skarloey Railway.


Thomas & Friends

According to Duke, Smudger was a show-off who rode roughly and often came off the tracks. Duke tried to warn him to be careful, but Smudger ignored his advice. He was finally punished by being turned into a generator and being put behind the engine shed. Duke stated that Smudger would "never move again". Smudger's downfall was used by Duke to lecture Stuart and Falcon about disobedient engines.

No information was given about his fate once the Mid Sodor Railway closed.

In Bulldog, the generator shed is visible, but Smudger is not present. Furthermore, by the events of Sleeping Beauty, the Arlesdale Sheds is discovered to be dilapidated and the generator shed had been dismantled.

In a magazine story, when Duncan was being careless, Sir Handel and Peter Sam tried telling him the story of Smudger.

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Season 1

In 2015, Mr. Percival purchased Smudger. He was restored at the Sodor Steamworks and is now a permanent member of the Skarloey Railway[1]


Smudger was a complete show-off and often derailed, but refused to listen to advice. Duke warned him to be careful, but he took no notice until he was put in his place by being turned into a generator.


Smudger was based off of the Talyllyn Railway's Dolgoch, a Fletcher Jennings Class Bb 0-4-0WT. Rheneas and Rusty's Ghost Engine (firefly formation) share the same basis.


Smudger was painted olive green with black lining. He had black and brass name and number plates on the sides of his boiler and coal bunkers respectively. Promotional artwork and merchandise ranges have depicted Smudger with either a black or brass dome. Despite being numbered on television, no toy or artwork has shown him with his number.


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