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This is a transcript subpage for Smudger Returns.
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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins one morning at the Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds. Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Ivo Hugh, Freddie, Duke, Bertram, and Mighty Mac are all just waking up when the narrator begins.
Narrator It was morning on the Island of Sodor. The narrow gauge engines had just awoke and were waiting for their controller, Mr. Percival to arrive and give them their jobs for the day.
Just then, Duncan arrives at the sheds after taking a late night train. He is rocking and rolling, as usual.
Duke Careful there, youngster, or you'll come right off the rails.
Duncan Pah! I've never off the rails in meh life.
Skarloey Well, that's not entirely true.
Duncan Okey, apart from that one time, I've never come off the rails in meh life.
The other engines all look at Duncan, unconvinced of what he has just told them.
Duke Well, you certainly do remind me of an engine back on the Mid Sodor Railway.
Ivo Hugh Do tell us about him, Duke.
Duke Well, alright.
As Duke tells the story, there is a flashback to the events he talks about.
Duke Before Stuart and Falcon came to the Mid Sodor Railway, we had another green tank engine. His name was Smudger. Smudger was a show off. He rode roughly and often came off the rails. I warned him to be careful, but he took no notice.

“Listen, Dukie,” he would say, “Who worries about a few spills?” “We do here,” I'd respond. But, Smudger just laughed. Until, one day, our controller told Smudger he was going to make him useful at last. Smudger stopped laughing then.

The flashback ends.
Mighty Why?
Mac What'd he do?
Duke He turned him into a generator behind our old shed. And, as far as I know, he was scrapped after the railway closed.
Freddie Oh dear.
Just then, Mr. Percival arrives on his bike.
Mr. Percival Good morning, engines.
All Engines Good morning, Sir.
Mr. Percival I have wonderful news. A few years ago, I purchased an old engine who needed restored. Unfortunately, he had to be sent to America for restoration, as our Steamworks does not have the proper resources. Well, his restoration has been completed and he is arriving today. Edward should be bringing him shortly.
Edward's whistle can be heard from down the line. All the engines look and when they see the engine on his flatbed, they all gasp and begin talking at once.
Peter Sam Is that?
Sir Handel It can't be.
Duke (gravely) It would appear so.
Ivo Hugh But how?
Skarloey I'm not sure.
Duncan If he starts causing trouble, so help meh.
Rusty Maybe he's changed.
Rheneas But what if he hasn't?
Mighty Then he'll surely be sent away.
Mac I sure hope so.
Bertram As do I.
Freddie Me, too.