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The Sodor Construction Company (also known as Packard and Co.; informally The Pack) is a company owned by Jenny Packard. The construction company, first conceived by Jenny's father, Mr Packard, involves various work such as building, demolishing and transportation. They have their own storage yard where the machines are kept while not in use.

In the television series, it appeared in the sixth series, Jack and the Sodor Construction Company, The Great Discovery and the twelfth series. Jack returned in the special King of the Railway. Alfie, Oliver, Max and Monty returned in the special Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure. They have since become recurring characters, and in the twenty-third series, two female characters were introduced.


No. Vehicles in service Biography
10 NelsonModelSeries.png Nelson is the intelligent, if long-suffering ballast tractor who hauls members of the construction team to and from work. As the bearer of such weighty loads, Nelson naturally feels put upon. While he will never offer up a complaint, Nelson is the first to comment on what is going wrong on the construction site. He is proud of his paint job and is happiest when he looks his best.
11 JackCGI.png Jack is the friendliest front loader the island has ever seen. He wants to be very useful but is so anxious he tries to do the other machine's jobs. Jack loves his job and is so eager to please that he often takes on tasks he probably should not do. Despite a couple of accidents, he proved to be brave and useful when he saved Thomas from disaster.
12 MainAlfieCGI.png Alfie is an excavator who makes even the toughest job in the quarry look easy. He makes the hardest job seem like play. He is friendly, helpful and loves to do all the dirty work. His favourite expression is "more dirt means more fun". Alfie likes to spin around like a top, but he never gets dizzy. He also has his own enthusiasm to help The Pack.
14 Oliver Oliver is a kind and wise old excavator who keeps an eye on the other members of the construction crew. He is capable of switching between different tools, including a bucket, a chisel for digging, a scissor claw and a wrecking ball for demolition. Oliver is good-mannered and hard-working and never complains about his work. He often is assigned to do the jobs that Jack wants to do. Oliver likes to be really useful and reliable too.
15 MaxCGI2.png Max is a devious and troublesome dump truck. He has a twin called Monty and together they cause all kinds of problems at the construction sites. They will sometimes bully other members of their team and can cause havoc by the reckless way they work. They frequently misunderstand one another, which creates a whole heap of trouble for The Pack.
16 MontyCGI2.png Monty is a devious and troublesome dump truck. He has a twin called Max and together they cause all kinds of problems at the construction sites. When Max and Monty stir up trouble, it is up to Kelly and Miss Jenny to stand in their spots. However, when he is not with his twin, Monty is a hard worker and states that he has hauled more loads in less time than anyone else.
17 MainKellyModel.png Kelly is the oldest member of the Pack, having originally belonged to Miss Jenny's father. He is considered as the team leader and knows his way around construction sites. Kelly will not be hurried. He understands that you take one task at a time. He is sometimes bossy but will be helpful whenever he can and always there to watch over the machines and help them out of trouble.
18 MainByronModel.png Byron is a giant bulldozer who likes to push things around. He is capable of moving lots of dirt with a single push of his blade. He is very proud and does not like to waste his talents on jobs he feels are beneath his stature. Byron is the envy of all the other vehicles...or, at least, he thinks he is. He has a booming voice and likes to work hard.
19 MainNedModel.png Ned seems to live in his own world and is consequently always bumping, squashing or breaking something. Ned does not understand everything, the simpler the better. Even so, Ned always puts his best effort into any job and is always appreciated by his team.
22 MainIsobellaModel.png Isobella is a vintage lorry who transports cargo on her flatbed and works with Jack, Alfie and the other members of the construction team. She is a hard worker but does not like to get dirty. She can also be a little cheeky. Isobella does not think of herself as one-of-the-boys -- she is a girl and proud of it. With her bright yellow paint and number 22 on her sides, Isobella is ready to hit the roads.
23 MainPatrickModel.png Patrick is a cement mixer who knows everything there is to know about concrete. As part of the construction team, Patrick takes pride in his work and makes sure that each job is done correctly, but this sometimes makes him cocky.  He has been on lots of job sites and knows many different ways to accomplish a task. Patrick will gladly explain how things are done...and how they could be done better.
24 MainBrendaCGI.png Brenda is a bulldozer who always likes things nice and level. Even so, she can get carried away and be overly fussy about small objects and tracks from other vehicles on her nice flat ground, but always corrects her mistakes and has good intentions.
MainBusterModel.png Buster is a steamroller and is as simple and straightforward as the job he does. He loves his job - rolling over things and flattening them - and would work all day if he could. What Buster lacks in imagination, he makes up for in heart, commitment and hard work and is liked by all the machines in the yard. When problems emerge on-site, Buster's suggestion is always the same…"Would it help if I rolled over it?"
MainDarcyCGI.png Darcy is a tunnel drilling boring machine and the newest member of the Pack who - while not one of the more graceful machines -  is one of the most versatile in road construction, particularly when tunnels are involved.


  • On the Packard Construction & Co. sign, silhouettes of Ned, Byron and Kelly can be seen.
    • These silhouettes are actually traced over concept art for said characters.
  • According to Phil Fehrle in an interview with SiF, all known Pack members had to have two-digit numbers in-order for the audience to feel that the company and the machines had been around for a while. They did not plan for any other members, as they only designed and built enough characters for twenty-six episodes.
  • Before Series 23, Buster was the only member of the Pack with no visible number. According to Phil Fehrle in an interview with SiF, Buster may have been intended to have a number, though he states that there might not have been a convenient place for one on his bodywork. With the introduction of Darcy, Buster is no longer the only numberless member of the Pack.
    • Similarly, Isobella was the only female until the introduction of Brenda and Darcy.
  • Kelly and Patrick were originally owned by Miss Jenny's father.
  • Jack and Darcy are only Pack characters whose arrivals on Sodor have been shown.
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