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The Sodor Railway Museum is a museum located in Great Waterton.

It was built in the sixth season.


Stories From Sodor

Season 6

The museum was built in the sixth season by The Pack. It was kept a secret from everyone by Sir Topham Hatt and Miss Jenny, and thus came as a surprise to all the engines and people who were at the grand opening[1].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 2

In the second season of the Stories From Sodor:Future spin-off, it was revealed that Hannah was the new manager and that Anna was employed there before being hired by Jacob to be his new secretary[2].

Season 3

In the third season, Analice and Gianna were employed at the museum.


There are several tours of the North Western Railway, beginning at the museum, each day.

They are usually headed by one of the larger and stronger engines, i.e. Gordon, James, Henry, Murdoch, and Marie, and are usually driven by Jacob, Sierra, Kira, Trent, and Katie.

In the ninth season, Molly and Meg were chosen to head one of the tours.

In the eleventh season, Richard Hatt sent David to work at the museum. David pulled the museum train a total of six times over a span of three days. He pulled the trains with Nia, Thomas, Percy, Duck, Flora, and Oliver.


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