Sodor Stories is a miniseries following the twelfth season.


The Sodor Stories miniseries features episodes from past seasons told from the perspective of one of the main characters. Jacobacranmer got the inspiration for this miniseries after watching the twenty-second series of the television series.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode Number Adaptation of
EmilytotheRescue4Emily the Rescue EngineJacobacranmerTBA#01Emily to the Rescue & Saving Benjamin
Emily tells the story of when she, Brady and Olivia save Kylie and Benjamin.
SFSLogoJacob and the RobotsJacobacranmerTBA#02Robot Wars Live & Battlebots Filming Day
Jacob tells the story of his time working on Battlebots and Robot Wars.
Jennifer2Jennifer and RosieJacobacranmerTBA#03An Old Friend & Rosie and Jennifer
Jennifer tells the story of when she first arrived on Sodor.
ArthurandtheTrucks11ArthurPaul Larson (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#04The Spotless Record/Arthur and the Trucks
Arthur tells the story of when he first arrived on Sodor.
HarveytheCraneEngine5HarveyJonathan Trueman (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#05Harvey to the Rescue/Harvey the Crane Engine
Harvey tells the story of when he first arrived on Sodor.
DonaldandDouglastheScottishTwins9Donald and DouglasRev W. Awdry, Britt Allcroft, & David Mitton (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#06Break Van, The Deputation, & The Missing Coach/Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twins
Donald tells the story of when he and Douglas first arrived on Sodor.
TobyCAEA!Toby and the WindmillDavid Mitton & Jan Page (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#07Toby's Windmill
Toby tells the story of when he saved the Windmill.
Jack,Alfie,andtheLightningTree2Jack, Alfie, and the Lightning TreePaul Larson (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#08A Tale for Thomas
Jack tells the story of when he, Alfie, Oliver, and Kelly saved the Lightning Tree.
Bash,Dash,andFerdinandFriends from Misty IslandSharon Miller (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#09Gordon and Ferdinand, Toby and Bash, & Emily and Dash
Gordon, Toby, and Emily tell the stories of their experience with the Logging Locos.
Rheneas(episode)9Duncan and the Runaway ElephantGeorge Tarry (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#10The Runaway Elephant
Rusty tells the story of when Duncan took an elephant statue to Elephant Park.



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