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Stories From Sodor:Future is a spin-off series of Stories From Sodor.

This spin-off series takes place a year after the events of Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up Season 4. It follows the inhabitants of Sodor beginning in the year 2027.

This will be the longest series to date of the Stories From Sodor franchise. This series is different from the others in the fact that each season and miniseries, with the exception of the sixteenth season, had either a theme or a central storyline.


  • Season 1/Season 2 - Changes
  • Kevin and Friends:Middle School Years/Jacob and Kevin:Eighth Grade Stories - Jacob and Kevin's middle school years
  • Season 3 - Humans
  • Season 4 - Unique Character Combinations
  • Season 5 - New Writers
  • Season 6 - The Culture Fair
  • The Mainland Chronicles - Mainland Characters
  • Keystone Adventures - Keystone Railway
  • Season 7 - Diesels
  • Season 8 - Other Gauges
  • Season 9 - Sudrian OCs
  • Season 10 - Non-rail Vehicles
  • Jacob and Kevin:High School Adventures - Jacob and Kevin's high school years
  • Season 11 - Humans
  • Season 12 - Branch Lines
  • Dale, Jimmie, and Anderson:The BNSF Years - Dale, Jimmie, and Anderson's years on the BNSF Railroad
  • Season 13 - New Characters
  • Season 14 - Crystal Island
  • Season 15 - Humans
  • Season 16 - No Central Theme or Story
  • BNSF Stories - More stories of the BNSF Railroad
  • Season 17 - Pandemic
  • Kevin and Emma:Siblings Forever - Emma and Kevin's first adventures as siblings
  • Season 18 - Jacob's home is burned down and they must find out who did it
  • Jacob, Kevin and Friends:Christmas Stories - Stories of Jacob, Kevin, and their friends' winter holiday celebrations
  • Season 19 - Tugs
  • Jacob, Kevin and Friends:Vacation Stories - Stories of Jacob, Kevin, and their friends' vacations.
  • Season 20 - Humans
  • More BNSF Stories - More stories of the BNSF Railroad
  • Season 21 - Anna and Elana take over the railways once again, this time while Jacob, Kevin, and Finn are in America competing at Battlebots.
  • Season 22 - NASCAR comes to Sodor for the first time ever and it is up to Jacob, Kevin, Jonas, and Finn to get the Sodor Racetrack ready in time
  • Finn and Friends:School Stories - Finn's high school years
  • Favourite Engine Stories - Classic stories retold with new main characters
  • Season 23 - There is a spike in crime on Sodor and it is up to Jacob, Kevin, and their friends to put a stop to it.
  • Favourite Friend Stories - Stories centered around underused characters
  • Anna's High School Adventures - Anna's time in high school
  • Lecia and Emma:High School Adventures - Lecia and Emma's time in high school
  • Season 24 - New stories featuring the returns of some old friends
  • Law & Order:Sodor Victims Unit - Dianne profiles some of the cases she has worked as an Assistant District Attorney; many aspects of the miniseries reference the Law & Order franchise
  • Season 25 - A reality show crew comes to the Island with plans of filming a reality show centered around the Island's controllers
  • More Skarloey Railway Stories - Stories centered around the Skarloey Railway


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  • The title of the series was inspired by Steven Universe Future an epilogue series following the original series and its movie.
Stories From Sodor:Future