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Stories From Sodor:Future Season 1 is the first season of the Stories From Sodor spin-off series, Stories From Sodor:Future.


This season takes place a year after the events of Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up Season 4. It follows the inhabitants of Sodor in the year 2027. Because of this, Jacob is now controller of the North Western Railway.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
DuckandDonald3.png Duck's Special Job Jacobacranmer TBA #01
Jacob sends Duck to work with Skarloey at Blue Mountain Quarry.
Rebecca(episode)4.png Rebecca and Duncan KnapfordFan23 TBA #02
Jacob sends Rebecca to work with Duncan at Blue Mountain Quarry, but the two engine's personalities cause a bit of conflict.
Kevin(human)Main.jpg Kevalice Come Back KnapfordFan23 TBA #03
Kevin and Analice return to Sodor after travelling the world.
AnaliceMain.jpg Story Time Part 1 KnapfordFan23 TBA #04
Kevin and Analice tell the others stories from their world travels.
Kevin(human)Main.jpg Story Time Part 2 KnapfordFan23 TBA #05
Kevin and Analice tell the others stories from their world travels.
JacobMainAdult.png Overworked Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA #06
Jacob overworks himself and becomes ill because of it. But, he refuses to take the day off.
EmmaMichaelsMain.png The New Poetry Club Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA #07
The former members of the Wellsworth High School Poetry Club get together and Emma brings the new members to meet them.
Xavier&XanderSprite.PNG The New Diesel Engine Jacobacranmer TBA #08
Jacob buys a new engine from the Mainland.
MainDustinIllustration.png Snow KnapfordFan23 TBA #09
Snow comes to Sodor unexpectedly.
Kevin(human)Main.jpg The Break Up KnapfordFan23 TBA #10
A beloved couple decides to end their relationship.


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