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Stories From Sodor:Future Season 2 is the second season of the Stories From Sodor spin-off series, Stories From Sodor:Future.


This season picks up directly where the previous season left off. It will be different from most seasons in that it will have an overarching story line throughout. This season will focus more on the humans than the previous season, but will still mostly focus on the North Western Railway.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
SFSLogo.png The Get Together KnapfordFan23 TBA #01
A new couple forms.
SFSLogo.png A New Deal Jacobacranmer 9 December 2019 #02
Mr. Collins falls into financial trouble with the Crystal Island railway, so Jacob offers to buy the railway from him.
SFSLogo.png The New Railway Jacobacranmer TBA #03
After buying the Crystal Island railway, Jacob joins it with his own.
SFSLogo.png New Gem Engines Jacobacranmer TBA #04
Jacob buys new gem engines and rolling stock from the Keystone Railway.
SFSLogo.png Paige's Return Jacobacranmer TBA #05
Paige comes back to Sodor.
SFSLogo.png A Gemmy Christmas Jacobacranmer TBA #06
The gem engines help out during the Christmas season.
SFSLogo.png A Visit from Caroline Jacobacranmer TBA #07
Caroline comes to Sodor for a visit.
SFSLogo.png Another Break Up Jacobacranmer TBA #08
Jacob and Emma break up.
SFSLogo.png A New Girl Jacobacranmer TBA #09
Kira decides to step down as Jacob's secretary, so the pair must find a replacement.
SFSLogo.png Wondering/
Another Get Together
Jacobacranmer TBA #10
Jacob and Anna start dating, much to Emma's chagrin.
SFSLogo.png Saving Miss Michaels Oliver Goldstick (original)
Jacobacranmer (adaptation)
TBA #11
Emma is in danger of losing her job.


Screenshot Title Performed by Original release date Episode(s) Featured In
SFSLogo.png Wondering Jacob TBA Wondering
Jacob mourns over his now ended relationship with Emma.
SFSLogo.png Truth, Justice, and Songs In Our Key TBA TBA Saving Miss Michaels
The students band together to try and save Emma's job.


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