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Stuart's First Run is the second episode of the fourth season.


One day, Peter Sam was talking to Sir Handel. "I never quite understood you." huffed Sir Handel, "Why do you always like doing work?" Peter Sam chuckled. "If you wanna know, I'll tell you." And this was the story Peter Sam told. Peter Sam used to work on the Mid Sodor Railway. Back then, he was called Stuart. Stuart was built back in 1940 by the Kerr Stuart Works in England. Today, his first test run would begin. Stuart was just having his first lump of coal put into his firebox. The manager walked up to him. "Your first job," He said, "Is to pull a load of empty trucks to the mines. Then take the loaded trucks back again." Stuart agreed, and puffed off. He was a little sad that he wouldn't pull any coaches, "Oh well," He thought, "It will be nice to do some heavy work for a change." He backed on to his trucks, and peeped cheerfully to them. The trucks were mad, and didn't care, "What's party poppers were shoved down Your funnel?" he groused. Stuart started off to the mines with his trucks. He was told that he needed to shunt the trucks carefully, as the mine's beams could snap. "Peep pip Peep! Yes sir!" He said. Stuart puffed back into the mines. They were old and musty. Suddenly, the trucks surged forwards. They knocked into a beam "Oh No!," He cried, "What have you done!?" The silly trucks only laughed, even though they were about to be crushed to splinters. Stuart was just about to puff away, when he heard something. "Help! Help!" It was three workers "We can't get out! You're in the way!" Stuart thought quickly, "Climb into my cab!" Stuart reversed to help them out. Soon, they climbed into his cab. Stuart rolled out, into safety. Sir Peter Sam walked forwards to congratulate Stuart on his bravery, and for saving the Miners. "Thank you, Stuart! You ha-." Sir Handel interrupted. "What has that got to do with work?" He asked. "Oh," Peter Sam said, "It just seems that I help someone on my journeys to and from the quarry. Good bye!" And he puffed off, leaving Sir Handel at a loss for words. "Well, I'll never!" He said, and went back to his job.



  • This story is loosely based on the third season episode, Heroes.