"Well, well, well! The Brothers Grim: Smashed, Broken and Sunk!"
— Thomas, Percy and the Lorries, Engine Friends

The Horrid Lorries, individually referred to as Lorry 1, Lorry 2 and Lorry 3 are three small lorries who are incredibly rude to the other engines.


When Percy was late one day, Cranky suggested that a lorry should do his work. True to his word (and delight), three red, incredibly rude lorries arrived the next day. Lorry 2 called Percy a lump of steaming scrap iron. Lorry 1 called Percy a "little green goblin on wheels" and told him he would be scrapped. Lorry 1 also insulted Thomas and James.

At the quarry, Toby encountered Lorry 2, who told Toby that he belonged in a museum and also told him to "toodle off," saying that Toby was not useful. Toby tried to find work at the mill, but Lorry 3 was there already. He said that the three lorries were doing the "slow" engines' work now, while the foreman said that times were changing.

Of course, all three got their comeuppance in due course: Lorry 2 fell off a mountainside (in front of Toby; Percy ironically echoed the "steaming scrap iron" line to him, while Toby brought up the usefulness insult), Lorry 3 broke down after being overloaded with flour and was brought to the docks by Butch and Lorry 1 reversed into the sea. Later, Thomas saw the three lorries and due to the impact of their damage, he nicknamed them "Smashed" (Lorry 2), "Broken" (Lorry 3), and "Sunk" (Lorry 1). The lorries were then sent away, and despite Lorry 2 declaring that they would return, they never do.

In the eleventh season, the three Horrid Lorries returned to Sodor. This time, they brought two more lorries with them, Lorry 4 and Lorry 5.


The Lorries were arrogant, mean and rude towards the engines. They believed that the railway was inferior to the roadways and also enjoyed teasing the engines for their appearances.


The lorries seem to be based on Foden OG range lorries, which were once a common sight around railway yards.


The Horrid Lorries are painted a brownish-red. Their registration plates are black with white lettering reading "LOR" followed by their respective numbers. They sometimes have grey tarpaulins over their flatbeds.