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The Mail Train (also known as The Post Train) is a train that consists of rolling stock used to transport letters and parcels throughout the Island of Sodor, the Mainland and it's railways. Pulling the Mail Train is noted as being one of Percy's favorite jobs.

The train commonly consists of special utility vans and a standard brake van. However, they are often accompanied by open wagons or conflats.

Mail Vans

I pull the mail trucks/cars. They're red and they're wooden, and they're full of very exciting parcels!

The Mail Vans (also known as the Sodor Mail Coaches) are rolling stock used for transporting letters and parcels throughout the railway.

These vans are special utility vans that form the Mail Train, which is usually pulled by either Thomas or Percy. Oliver once briefly transferred to the service and at times when the train is unable to run, Harold usually deputises for it. Since being transferred to the Harwick Branch Line, Ryan takes a mail van from Arlesburgh up to Harwick every morning. They are used at night, but in recent seasons, the vans are pulled in broad daylight. Since the seventeenth season, however, they seems to be pulled primarily at night again. Percy is almost always in charge, although other engines pull them occasionally.


In the Railway Series, the mail vans are based on general utility vans (GUV), however their specific basis is unknown.

In the television series, the mail vans are based on the South Eastern & Chatham Railway Diagram 960 Parcels and Miscellaneous Vans (PMV), introduced in 1919. This van was designated the standard for the Southern Railway, and remained in production, updated as the Diagram 3103, until 1951, remaining in regular service until 1986, with a few surviving on departmental duties into the 1990s. These vans were used primarily for the transportation of letters and parcels. The utility vans share the same basis.


In the Railway Series, the mail vans were painted plain brown. In the television series, the mail vans are painted crimson with grey roofs. In the Model Series, they had "SODOR MAIL" on both sides, but was changed to an envelope with wings in the CGI Series.

Plank Trucks

These trucks are special 7-Plank Trucks that have often been used as part of the Mail Train. These trucks have been pulled by Edward and Percy.


These trucks are based on 7-plank trucks.


These trucks are painted crimson with black frames. Their Take Along toys, depict them with "SODOR MAIL" on both sides. Standard grey trucks have also been used to transport mail.

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