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The New Crystal Engines is the the thirteenth episode of the Crystal Island Adventures miniseries.


It was a bright sunny day on Crystal Island. All the engines were working hard. But Mr. Thompson, the railway’s controller, decided to get another gem engine from the Keystone Railway in America, to help with the workload.

She arrived that afternoon. The was a small tender engine, about the same size as Edward. She was yellow with purple stripes and had a yellow and purple gemstone on her boiler.

“Everyone,” said Mr. Thompson, “This is Ametrine. She's here to help out with the workload here.”

“It's a pleasure to make your aquaintences,” Ametrine said kindly.

“What?” Amethyst said confused. She didn't understand.

Pearl seemed surprised.

“Well,” she said happily, “I've never met another engine that can converse eloquently before. The pleasure is all ours, Ametrine. Welcome to Crystal Island.”

“I'll take it from here, Pearl,” said Lapis, “Hello, Ametrine, I'm Lapis. Allow me to show you to the mines, where you'll be working.”

“Me? Working in dirty old mines?” Ametrine objected.

“Well, yes,” replied Lapis, “You'll be taking freight cars in and out of the mines.”

“Freight cars?! I don't think so. I only pull passengers.”

“We don't get passengers around here,” said Ruby.

“Quite right,” said Topaz as she zoomed by, “We only get workmen to help out in the mines.”

“Then I guess I'll pull that train,” Ametrine sniffed.

“Usually, that train only comes once a week,” said Bismuth.

“Then I'll just sit in the shed until that train comes,” said Ametrine.

This made the other engines cross.

Amethyst was the first to speak.

“Now listen here you-”

“What is going on here?!” Mr. Thompson said angrily.



  • This episode marks Ametrine and Star's first appearances.
    • This also marks the first a gem engine that is not from Crystal Island appears.