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The Project is the first episode of the War on Sodor miniseries.


One evening, Jacob and Sierra arrive at Tidmouth Sheds looking quite disgruntled. Upon being asked by Edward about what is troubling them, they reveal to him, Thomas, Percy, and Henry that they have been assigned a project in their history class in school in which they must acquire first hand accounts of World War II. Thomas, Edward, and Henry then reveal to the pair that they served for the Allied Powers in the war. Gordon then arrives at the Sheds, and once being told about Jacob and Sierra's project, reveals that he, Thomas, Edward, and Henry served on the front lines and saw horrendous things that they "will never be able to unsee".

After this, Jacob and Sierra return to Knapford Sheds, where they find Rosie, Murdoch, Marie, Madison, Brady, Olivia, Kylie, and Benjamin. After telling the group about their project, Murdoch and Marie reveal to the pair that they will not be much able to offer much help, as they were built 15 years after the war's end. After this, Rosie and Madison reveal that they served as shunters in Ally held forts during the war. Rosie then agrees to tell Jacob and Sierra her stories about the war the next day.



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