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Tidmouth Bay is a station and castle located on Toby's Branch Line near the old mine

In Thomas and Friends

It only appeared in the fifth and sixth seasons and in stock footage in the seventh season. The castle was found by Toby and Sir Topham Hatt after his grandchildren showed him a map featuring the castle.

Shortly after it's discovery and restoration, the station was built and a fairground was located here. James took Mrs. Kyndley to the fair to cheer her up after her sister could not visit.

In the sixth season, an additional island platform and tracks were added. Allicia Botti and the Sodor Brass Band have been known to perform here.

In Stories From Sodor

In Stories From Sodor, Tidmouth Bay appeared in the fourth, seventh, and eleventh seasons and the Engine Friends, Amazing Adventures, and Skarloey Railway Stories miniseries.

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