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This article is about Yellow Topaz. You may be looking for Another Topaz.

Topaz is Crystal Island's number 9 yellow minimum gauge engine.


Topaz first appeared when Rex first went to Crystal Island. She showed Rex around the island and helped him collect gemstone from the mines.

In Crystal Island Adventure, Topaz was seen shunting in the background the whole time.

In A Trip to Crystal Island, Topaz was again seen shunting in the background the whole time.

In Bismuth, Topaz encouraged her best friend, Bismuth to take freight cars to Sodor.


Topaz is very kind and funny. She is also smart and full of her own ideas, which sometimes get her into trouble.


Topaz is heavily based on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway's Northern Rock, with an added leading wheel. Jock is also based on Northern Rock.


Topaz is yellow with black lining. She has black wheels and a black bufferbeam/footplate. She has her number in light yellow on her tender, next to her gemstone.