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Hi guys! So, since we got new clips from Big World! Big Adventures! today, I wanted to discuss my thoughts on the upcoming season and special.

New Characters

Nia and Rebecca

Sure, I was upset a first at the thought of Nia and Rebeca replacing Edward and Henry in the Steam Team. But, then I found out that Edward and Henry are still going to play big roles on the show, and now, I'm willing to give the new girls a chance.


I was not expecting to get another Chinese engine on the show, so I was definitely taken aback when I heard about Hong-Mei. Much like with Nia and Rebecca, I'm willing to give Hong-Mei a chance, even if it sounds like she's just going to be a Chinese girl version of Thomas.


Beau is the new character I am excited about the MOST. I don't even know why, but it may have something to do with the fact that he's from America, meaning the United States is going to be featured in BWBA.