Hey guys! I've been thinking about uploading Thomas Trainz Content for my Trainz Simulator. But the problem is the fact that I've hardly used the simulator. I don't think it'd make sense for me to download content and not use it. I've also been thinking about doing adaptions. I've been wondering if the wikia would allow me to do so. My first serious attempt at an adaption is on my YouTube channel, which is named Greg Wetzel. The video is called "Cautious Connor Adaption".

Going back to the Trainz idea, I've been looking at routes to download, but I'd like to know what happens when you download content. My biggest question is where would it end up? Does it go directly to the Content section on the simulator? Anyhow, I'm still thinking about it, since I think it'd be neat to roam Sodor and the models look cool...I just don't know.

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