These are the rules of Stories From Sodor Wiki.

Story Restrictions

  1. Please, try not to make the Steam Team the main characters. It is allowed but not prefered.
  2. If you would like to use a character someone else made-up, please get their premission first.
  3. Absolutely no character deaths.

Message Walls

  1. Only admins may remove messages from message walls.

Other rules

  1. As with all wikis be nice, no profanity or toilet talk, and definitely no cyber bullying.
  2. Everyone must run ideas by Jacobacranmer before making episode pages for them.
  3. Do not edit someone else's episode or character page without asking their permission first unless you are doing one of the following:
    1. Adding an appearance of character
    2. Fixing grammar or spelling


  1. Please only make comments that pertain to changes that needed to be made to an article.
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