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Xavier and Xander are a pair of diesels that are permanently coupled together.


Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 1

Xavier and Xander were brought to Sodor to help with heavy goods trains[1].

Season 7

Heather and Paige Return


Xavier can be seen as ruthless and mean. Xander, on the other hand, can be seen as ambitious and kind. This often causes conflict between the two, and they often struggle to work together.


Xavier and Xander are based on a BR Class 13. The type was designed in 1965 because of the need to provide more powerful shunters for the Tinsley Marshalling Yard. Because of Tinsley's status as a hump yard, it was not possible to use a single locomotive owing to the risk of grounding. So, to achieve the required power, a pair of Class 08 shunters were permanently coupled in 'master and slave' formation, with the slave unit having had its cab removed. Only 3 Class 13s were built and all 3 were scrapped.

Xavier and Xander carry the number of a real Class 13 and real Class 08s. The real 13 003 was withdrawn in January of 1965 and unfortunately scrapped in September the following year.


Xavier and Xander are painted in BR rail blue with yellow lining. They both also have yellow siderods. Their number "13003" is on Xavier's side in yellow. Both also have their original numbers, "3698" and "4188" respectively, on their cabsides, or in Xavier's case, where his cab would be, in yellow.

Before being permanently coupled together, Xavier and Xander were both painted red with yellow lining and siderods. They had their numbers, "3698" and "4188" respectively, on their cabsides in yellow.



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