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Zane was an engine that appears in the background when Sir Topham Hatt is looking for Thomas at Dar es Salaam Docks. He is a recolour of Ryan.


Stories From Sodor

The Search for the Missing Friends

Zane first appeared when Thomas and Jacob visited Africa on their trip around the world. The three took a goods train together from Dar es Salaam Docks to Dakar Docks. While on the long journey, Jacob was grumpy until Zane and some freight cars sang him a song[1][2].

International Friends Near and Far

Later, Kwaku and Zane became overwhelmed with work when there was a lot of it at Dar es Salaam Docks[3]. Then, Delilah and Prudence brought a heavy goods train to Dar es Salaam, and the two quickly became friends with Zane and Kwaku[4].

Friends Around the World

One day, Zane was overwhelmed and overworked. So, Uovu Mkubwa, Chinansa, and Simiyu were brought to Dar es Salaam to help him[5].


Zane is a kind and friendly engine. However, he gets overwhelmed very easily and will usually try to work quickly to keep Dar es Salaam Docks from becoming hectic.


Zane was originally going to be based on the KUR ED1 class, a class of 2-6-2 tank locomotive built by Vulcan Foundry for the Kenya-Uganda Railway between 1926 and 1930.

Zane's final design is based on an Great Northern Railway N2 due to being a retexture of Ryan.


Zane was originally going to painted lime green with dark green lining. He was also to have purple, green and red patterns painted along his tanks, dome, brake pump and cylinders.

His final design is painted white with gold lining.


  • Zane means "well born" or "noble" in Swahili.
  • Originally, Zane was going to be a recolour of Nia that Jacobacranmer created. However, he later decided to make Zane the white recolour of Ryan seen in Big World! Big Adventures!


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